Beth Echad began meeting in June of 2006. Yeshua has blessed this endeavor since its inception and continues to do so as we move forward in serving by following His leading in fulfilling the call He has placed on the hearts of His people.
Mission Statement:
To unite Jew and Gentile by returning to our Hebraic Roots through Yeshua.
Core values for Beth Echad are as follows:
1. Encourage people to read the Scripture (Torah) three times a day.
2. To teach from a Hebraic point of view.
3. Prayer that will turn people’s hearts spiritually passionate to a contagious faith.
4. Worship in Spirit and Truth.
5. Discipleship that includes small groups.
6. Training and equipping laymen to be empowering leaders who evangelize those we befriend.
7. A facility that can meet the growing needs of the congregation and community.
Service Times and Description:
Shabbat Service is celebrated weekly on Saturday beginning at 10:00am.
This service is currently a combined service consisting of a time of worship with music, singing, dancing & Torah readings followed by an in-depth Bible study.