The best way to understand Beth Echad is to look through our theology, and our collective conscience on social issues. There are 2 primary elements of our Congregation. Our theology is captured in 16 Articles of Faith, which describe how we understand Scripture.
We believe:

1. In one God, the creator of all things, who reveals Himself as Father, Son and Spirit.
2. In Yeshua the Messiah, who is fully God and fully man at the same time, and who became like us to bring about our atonement.
3. In the Holy Spirit, who is active in the world, bringing us to atonement.
4. That the Bible is the Word of God, giving us all we need to know about how to accept His Atonement.
5. That we are all sinners by both nature and act and need God’s forgiveness and cleansing.
6. That Yeshua the Messiah died on the cross and that, by trusting in His death, we can be restored to a right relation to God.
7. That God enables us to turn to Him from sin, but that He does not force us to do so.
8. That each person must repent, turn away from their sins, and trust the atoning work Yeshua the Messiah alone.
9. That when we turn from sin and trust in Yeshua the Messiah, the old record of sin is wiped clean, and we are born anew, thus becoming part of the family of God.
10. That after being born anew, we need the fullness of God’s Spirit in our hearts.  When we make a complete commitment to God, He cleanses our Spirit, fills us with His Perfect Love, and gives us the power to live victoriously.
11. That the congregation is that community which confesses Yeshua the Messiah as Lord and which serves as His body in the present generation.
12. In t’vilah.  We strongly urge believers of Yeshua the Messiah to be immersed as an outward testimony of an inward work of faith.
13. In the Passover Seder that Yeshua, the Messiah shared with His disciples just prior to Him being offered as our atoning sacrifice.
14. That God does heal.  We pray for healing.  We also believe that God can work through medical science.
15. That Yeshua the Messiah is coming again.
16. That everyone will face the judgment of God with its rewards and punishments.

Our collective conscience on social issues informs our teaching around the local congregation and also guides us in Messianic living outside the congregational assembly.  Our positions include favoring marriage over divorce while at the same time fully receiving those who have suffered divorce, opposing abortion for convenience, viewing homosexual behavior as one of many forms of sexual impurity that God offers to transform us from, and opposing alcohol use beyond a cultural context, tobacco use and gambling.  These positions are not enforced legalistic, but members agree to embrace them as our collective conscience and to ensure that at least inside the congregational assembly our teaching and practice be consistent with them.